What is Ekport?
Ekport is an invite-only platform for Exporters around the world to do More Exports to India by providing the Exporters an easy way to discover export opportunities for Indian market and quickly find and connect with credible Importers & Buyers in India (Distributors, Dealers and Agents) who are most likely to be a good Indian partner for long-term, profitable and sustainable business relationship.
Ekport Trade Data (ETD) is the trade data about products and commodities being imported by India from various exporting countries. Exporters across countries find Ekport Trade Data highly useful to analyze India’s import trends and discover opportunities for their products to be exported to the Indian market. Ekport Trade Data is available for free to members on Ekport
Ekport Lead Generator makes it easy for Exporters to find and connect with Importers & Buyers in India (Distributors, Dealers and Agents). Exporters are able to quickly get their name, product and brand out in front of credible Importers & Buyers in India (Distributors, Dealers and Agents) leading to a fast and effective market entry to India.